‘Airborne baby killer

‘Airborne baby killer’- Death of 64,000 babies in China every year while they are still in their wombs: Study

A study by researchers claims that fine particles pollute the air led the death of 64000 babies every year while they are still in their wombs. The study analyzed 137 countries in which it was discovered that exposure to particles, which are generally produced when fossil fuels are burnt and which are smaller than 2.5 microns (PM2.5), has led to 40% of stillbirths in Latin America, Asia, and Africa in the year 2015.

In the study which analyzed all the countries where world’s 98% of stillbirths occur, China was ranked in fourth place based on fetal deaths related to PM2.5, as per the study published in the scientific journal Nature Communications.

“Improved air quality in some of the 137 countries (e.g. China) might underlie the reduction in the global burden of stillbirths. Therefore, meeting the World Health Organisation air quality targets could prevent stillbirths,” the researchers wrote.

“In recent years, China has been working hard on creating air pollution and seen rapid improvement in air quality as a result, which is of great importance to the protection of the health of pregnant women and children,” Zhu Tong, the study’s leading author said.

“However, a great population and uneven social development mean there are still a big number of pregnant women exposed to air pollution,” he added.


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