Alka Yagnik is the most streamed singer in the world

Alka Yagnik is the most streamed singer in the world

Alka Yagnik is the most streamed singer in the world; beats Taylor swift, BTS, Beyonce…etc.

With the undenied wave of k-pop and American pop music, an Indian artist shone through the year becoming the most streamed singer. Alka Yagnik becomes the most streamed artist in the world. Alka Yagnik recorded 15.3 billion streams in 2022, making her the most streamed artist of the year.

Alka Yagnik has been featured in the Guinness Book of World Records for the third year in a row. She was the most streamed singer of 2022, beating even the world’s biggest singers like Taylor Swift, Drake, Beyonce and BTS.

As per a report on the Guinness Book of World Records, Alka’s songs recorded 15.3 billion streams, an average of 42 million streams per day. And she achieved this feat in the last two years as well. She had 17 billion streams in 2021 and 16.6 billion in 2020.

Second to her on the list is Bad Bunny with 14.7 billion streams. The rest three on the list are all Indian singers: Udit Narayan (10.8 billion), Arijit Singh (10.7 billion) and Kumar Sanu (9.09 billion).

The list would come as a shock that worldwide massively famous singers like BTS and Blackpink could not gather such numbers. BTS (7.95 billion) and BLACKPINK (7.03 billion) both made the top ten, while The Weeknd (5.7 billion) took13th the spot; Taylor Swift (4.33 billion) was 26th; and Drake (2.9 billion) was 50th.







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