Beijing, Shenzhen ease Covid-19 curbs after 'historic' protest.

Beijing, Shenzhen ease Covid-19 curbs after ‘historic’ protest.

Some cities in China are taking steps to loosen COVID-19 testing requirements and quarantine rules as China looks to make its zero-COVID policy more targeted amid an economic slowdown and the frustration protests by the public which has gone wild.
Since the onset of the covid-19 pandemic, China has been imposing strict rules against covid and the zero covid-19 policy. Now, Three years into the pandemic, China has been a global outlier with its zero-tolerance approach towards COVID-19. The covid-19 policy targets to enforce extended lockdowns and frequent virus mass testing. It says the measures are needed to save lives and avoid overwhelming its healthcare system.

The southern city of Shenzhen on Saturday announced it would no longer require people to show a negative COVID test result to use public transport or enter parks, following similar moves by Chengdu and Tianjin, among China’s biggest cities.

Xi, during a meeting with European Union officials in Beijing on Thursday, blamed the mass protests on youth frustrated by years of the COVID-19 pandemic, but said the now-dominant Omicron variant of the virus paved the way for fewer restrictions, EU officials said.





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