China reports 24473 new Covid Cases

China reports 24473 new Covid Cases


China reports 24473 new Covid Cases, China reported a slight decline in new COVID-19 cases on Saturday as numerous cities across the country battled outbreaks. restaurants and several other businesses have shut down in Beijing. China reports 24473 new Covid Cases, Officials recently took some steps to ease the impact of a tough zero-Covid policy approach that has hit the world’s second-largest economy, sowing frustration and outrage despite a rise in cases to its highest level since April. We have taken several steps to mitigate the impact.

A number of businesses in Beijing’s Chaoyang District, the capital’s main financial and diplomatic district, have announced closures or restricted services.

Sanlitun Nightlife The owner of his restaurant said Reuters authorities had notified him and other shops in the area that he would be closed for three days starting Saturday.

Beijing’s remote areas of Fangshan and Huairou have announced additional testing requirements for people arriving from other provinces.

Beijing reported 79 symptomatic cases and 436 asymptomatic cases on Friday, according to government data. compared with 100 symptomatic cases and 366 asymptomatic cases the day before.

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