Countries that Indians can visit without Visa

Countries that Indians can visit without Visa

Countries that Indians can visit without Visa

Everyone loves to travel and visit breathtaking places. Also, Most people’s dream destinations are somewhere overseas. Visiting different countries on your extended vacation trip is quite promising. But in most cases, people who want to travel abroad get stuck in the lengthy visa application process. Therefore, they end up dropping the idea of spending their vacation abroad. However, there are countries where Indians can travel without visas, whereas some countries will stamp your passport on arrival. Such countries provide a visa-free time period for certain countries.

So, if you’re planning a vacation, then do consider these below-mentioned places to travel that you can visit without a visa.

The List of Countries that Indians can Travel to Without a Visa

Barbados (maximum of 90 days)
Cook Islands (maximum of 31 days)
El Salvador (maximum of 90 days)
Grenada (maximum of 3 months)
Indonesia (maximum of 30 days)
Macau (maximum of 30 days)
Mauritius (maximum of 90 days)
Montserrat (maximum of 6 months)
Northern Cyprus (maximum of 3 months)
Pitcairn Islands ((maximum of 14 days)
Saint Kitts and Nevis (maximum of 3 months)
Serbia (maximum of 30 days)
Transnistria (maximum of 45 days)
Turks and Caicos Islands (maximum of 90 days)
British Virgin Islands (maximum of 30 days)
Dominica (maximum of six months)
Fiji (maximum of four months)
Haiti (maximum of 3 months)
Jamaica (maximum of 30 days)
Maldives (maximum of 90 days)
Micronesia (maximum of 30 days).
Niue (maximum of 30 days).
Palestine (maximum of 3 months).
Qatar (maximum of 30 days).
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (maximum of 1 month).
Senegal (maximum of 90 days)
Trinidad and Tobago (maximum of 90 days).
Tunisia (maximum of 90 days).
Vanuatu (maximum of 30 days).


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