Fukushima water release to start in spring or summer says Japan

Fukushima water release to start in spring or summer says Japan

The contaminated water(radioactive water) from the devastated nuclear power plant, Fukushima in a tsunami in 2011, will start to release in spring or summer says the Japanese government.

Japan approved the release of more than 1 million tonnes of water used to cool the reactors since the meltdown in April 2021.

The water, which is currently being held in tanks at the site of the destroyed plant in northeastern Japan, would be treated before being released. However, the plan has been criticised by neighbouring nations, Pacific Island countries, and local fishing communities who worry that it will have an impact on their way of life.

The water, which is the equivalent of 500 Olympic-sized swimming pools, is also being filtered once more to get rid of dangerous isotopes. Prior to being released into the water, it will also be diluted to comply with international regulations.

The water, which even after filtration will still include traces of tritium, an isotope of hydrogen difficult to separate from water, was declared safe to release, according to officials, the Japanese foreign ministry reported in July.

“We expect the timing of the release would be sometime during this spring or summer,” said chief cabinet secretary Hirokazu Matsuno on Friday, adding that the government will wait for a “comprehensive report” from IAEA before the release.



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