Gaganyaan mission delayed: Indian astronauts to be launched to space in the fourth quarter of 2024


The Indian Space Research Organisation(ISRO) continues to develop and test systems for India’s maiden human space mission, Gaganyaan. This resulted in delaying of the Gaganyaan mission once again. The Gaganyaan mission will now launch in the fourth quarter of 2024.


Dr. Jitendra Singh, Science & Technology Minister on Wednesday said that India’s maiden human space flight ‘H1’ mission is targeted to be launched in the fourth quarter of 2024. The minister in a written reply announced that the foremost importance is that of the safety of the crew.

“Two Test Vehicle missions are planned before the ‘H1’ mission to demonstrate the performance of the crew escape system and the parachute-based deceleration system for different flight conditions,” Dr. Jitendra Singh said. He added that the uncrewed ‘G1’ mission is targeted to be launched in the last quarter of 2023 followed by the second uncrewed ‘G2’ mission in the second quarter of 2024, before the final human space flight ‘H1’ mission in the fourth quarter of 2024.


The minister further informed that “the first uncrewed flight of Gaganyaan program ‘G1’ mission is aimed at validating the performance of the human-rated launch vehicle, Orbital module propulsion system, mission management, communication system, and recovery operations. The mission will carry a humanoid as a payload.”


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