How does Cybersecurity protect us from malicious cyber attacks?

How does Cybersecurity protect us from malicious cyber attacks?

How does Cybersecurity protect us from malicious cyber attacks?

You must have heard of people mentioning cyber crimes or in the news about the cyberattacks committed worldwide and internationally. The tally even arose dangerously this year. The center reported a major hike in cybercrime cases, saying that over 6.4 lakh cases were reported till June 2022. As said Over 670,000 cases related to cyber security were reported in India till June this year, Union minister Ajay Kumar Mishra informed Lok Sabha on Tuesday. He also said that over three million such cases were reported in the country from 2019 till last month.
Internationally, Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) which is a US-based cybersecurity agency reported a 62% yearly increase in cybercrime cases.

First, let’s understand what is cybercrime.

Cybercrime is a term used for crimes done through and on the internet. Cybercrimes might include fraud, stealing information, leaking someone’s sensitive information, cyberbullying, social media stalking, catcalling, and trolling. Such cybercrimes are committed either because of vengeance or extorting money from the victim. Cybercrimes are controlled and managed by the cybersecurity agency of a particular nation.

Now, how can someone prevent themselves from such cyberattacks? Cybersecurity is something that prevents us from such malicious cyberattacks.

Now, what exactly is cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity is the combination of technologies, policies, and methods to prevent access to confidential information from getting into the hands of unauthorized and malicious resources. Also, cybersecurity helps and prevents vulnerable people from getting scammed by fraud. With the rapid growth of technology, there is the growth of cyber attacks and cyber crimes.

If you are facing any such issue of cyber attacks such as bullying, stalking, and any sort of fraud or scam, then you can visit- and report your concern.

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