How to fix mac error 102

How to fix mac error 102


Error 102 is a common issue with mac computers. This error is often caused while updating particular apps in the apple play store or installing an incompatible app. Issues like corrupted files, firewall issues, an assemblage of junk files, scarcity of free disk space, etc. can also be the cause of error 102 to occur. However, it can be difficult sometimes to find the exact cause of the error. Therefore, before finding the solution to the cause of the error one needs to clarify and work toward the cause of the error. One of the ways to resolve it is by studying the symptoms of the error. By signs, it means how the computer is acting up because of the error. For that let’s look at some symptoms or how the computer acts up in responding to the error. 


Mac Error 102 symptoms


Symptoms of mac error 102 may be different depending on what is causing it. Error 102 commonly displays itself with messages which go something like this; 


“The [operation name] operation can’t be completed. An unexpected error occurred (error code 102)”


Users often get this above-mentioned message when error 102 occurs. But there are other types of messages there that are also related to the mac error 102, like this;


oTypeErr = -102, /No object of that type in scrap/

crapFlavorNotFoundErr = -102, /* == noTypeErr*/

sOldSystem = 102, /System is too old for this ROM/


One can get these messages in regard to error 102. The impact of this error may result in the computer getting slower or even freezing; unforeseen system crashes; getting additional errors and Mac may even experience Kernel Panic. 


Ways to fix Mac error 102


Fixing mac error 102 can be tricky as there can be different reasons why the error 102 has occurred. If you are experiencing the mac error code 102 issue then you can try some of the following ways to fix it.


Uninstall the troublesome app


It is likely that the cause of the error 102 occurring on the mac might be because some app that you are trying or had installed is either not compatible with the Mac operating system or have some other issue. In this case, try uninstalling and reinstalling the particular application. Here is how to do it;


  • Click on the finder at the top of the screen 
  • Select Application 
  • Look for the particular problematic app in the application folder
  • Once you found it, either drag it to the Trash or click on it-select files and move it to the trash. 
  • Now, for deleting items related to that application press Command + Shift + G. 
  • In the Go to Folder search field, type /Library/.
  • After that press Enter
  • Furthermore, open the preferences folder, search for the app-related items, and if you find them move them to the trash


After Following these steps, once the troublesome application is been deleted then you can try reinstalling it. However, if uninstalling the application doesn’t seem to resolve the error 102 then trying some other alternative would be considered. 


  1. Individually install update component 


The appearance of error 102 when trying to update a certain application can be seen. This means that the mac error 102 can also be caused when you’re trying to update some app. In that case, it is not needed to uninstall the app. Instead of uninstalling the app, one can try updating the app associates separately. This troubleshooting method can be effective in resolving the issue of mac error 102. 


Here is what you can do;


  • Go to the mac app store
  • Then go to the update that is being problematic installed
  • In order to see the different update components, select the more option in the update description.    
  • After that download and install all different updated application parts individually, one by one.  


If you happen to download and install all updated components successfully without the error 102 then you’re good to go. But if not then try another way to fix the error.    


Remove junk files


The stacking up of unnecessary files might also be causing error 102 to occur.  In that case, removing all of the unnecessary junk files would do the work. This way you will also be able to free up some space in the mac preserved by unneeded junk files. To clear the cache do;


Navigate to Go to the folder

Type in ~/Library/Caches and then press Enter

After that delete all the files from the folders and subfolders


This way the unnecessary junk files that must be causing the error 102 to occur will be deleted resolving the error issue. 




As mentioned earlier the ways how to fix the error 102 updates vary because of the root cause. Therefore one can try different ways to fix error 102. Also, regular maintenance of the mac such as deleting unneeded junk files, and keeping apps up-to-date will be extremely beneficial for holding errors at bay.




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