India Officially Protest against Attack on Hindus in the UK

India Officially Protest against Attack on Hindus in the UK, Leicester Violence Indian High Commission in London Condemns Attacks on Hindu Temple by Islamists Synopsis: – India on Monday strongly condemned violence against the Indian community and vandalization of Hindu premises in the eastern England city of Leicester. The commission has demanded immediate action against those involved in the attacks and the protection of the affected people. A larger number of police officers posted for the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II has been redeployed to the midlands in Leicester, and 15 people have been arrested till now. India Officially Protest against Attack on Hindus in the UK, The police called for calm and warned that they would not tolerate violence or disorder in the city There have been reports of clashes between Hindu and Muslim groups in Leicester since fans clashed following an India-Pakistan Asia cup cricket match on 28 august. According to a UK National Health Service (NHS) report based on a 2011 census, Leicester, Leicestershire, and Rutland have higher proportions of Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, and those of No Religion compared to the UK benchmark. According to the report, the numbers of Muslims and Hindus were almost the same — 7.4 percent and 7.2 percent of the population respectively — while Sikhs were 2.4 percent. Fifty-five percent were Christian. Mrs. Ruchi Ghanashyam the former high commissioner to the UK said that the matter is of serious concern and she took it into the India-Pakistan conflict. She had spoken to the Indian Muslims living in the Midlands who found themselves connected to India and wanted peace. She has requested people to bring peace and not be fooled by politics claiming it to be a Hindu-Muslim riot. Claudia Webb MP for Leicester House of Commons has stated that the state is working hard to bring the communities together to end the violence. But it seems ironic as the police were found biased when a masked man wearing a hood pull down the Hindu religious flag in front of the police force. She has been on target for supporting Pakistan in previous events and invoking the world against India as her tweet on Indian farm laws gained much controversy. The Indian-Pakistan cricket matches had always been a heated argument since Independence. Numerous such incidents had been witnessed earlier across the globe. But it is unfair to blame the ICC for such a heinous attempt. Both teams want fair play and appreciate each other as witnessed in the Asia Cup of 2022. To ban the Pakistan team from playing with India will only affect the players and their economy. That masked mind will have a win and the innocents have to pay for it. Pakistan team already suffers after the 26/11 Mumbai attacks and the terrorist attack on the Sri Lankan team during the cricket league in Pakistan. Since then international cricket has not even been organized in Pakistan The Communities living in Leicester hope for swift resolution they stated that for 40 years Hindu Muslim Sikhs never mattered, this is young people losing their cool and have caused havoc. Police, the local MP, and community leaders on both the Hindu and Muslim sides have called for calm.

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