India opposes Russia in UNGA

India opposes Russia in UNGA

India opposes Russia in UNGA, In the General Assembly of the United Nations, India voted in such a way that Russia’s proposal fell. People are seeing this in connection with the Ukraine issue but the truth is when Russia occupied some places of Ukraine and made them part of the Russian Federation and said that local people also supported Russia through voting, 90% of it People did not vote because of fear and betrayal of Ukraine. India opposes Russia in UNGA, The matter did not go to the UN Security Council and went to the General Assembly of the UN, which includes 193 countries around the world. Since the beginning of the war, Russia has rained around 80 missiles on Ukraine, even if it was done in the spirit of revenge, but due to this move, people are seeing Russia as a country with a negative attitude. To avoid humiliation in the General Assembly of the UN, Russia opted for secret ballot voting, which was opposed by Albania, and on this issue, whether there should be a secret ballot voting. India has voted against Russia along with 107 countries on the subject. This vote of India is true to some extent, India has wanted every time that if there is any voting, the world should know about it. But the question is, why did a small country like Albania oppose it? The answer is NATO, Albania is a member of NATO. With this step, people will know whether this move of Russia is right or not.

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