India verbally burned USA & PAK

India verbally burned USA & PAK

India verbally burned USA & PAK, Recently our country’s External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar has given a statement regarding the USA. In this, he said that America is not fooling anyone, that too with Pakistan’s F-16 package. He also said that he does not understand why America still supports Pakistan, while the friendship of US Pakistan has not done anyone any good, nor do Pakistanis believe so and America has also been cheated. Regarding the media coverage of Americans, he said that America’s coverage of India is biased manner. As you know, the 77th General Assembly session of the United Nations started in the US city of New York, in which the Indian Foreign Minister also addressed this gathering. Then when asked by the media about the acceptance of a $ 450 million deal by the US for F-16 fighter jets for Pakistan, he replied that to say that I am doing this because all this is anti-terrorism material and So when you’re talking about F-16 capability aircraft, where everybody knows, you know where they’re positioned and what they’re used for. You are not fooling anyone by saying these things. If I had to talk to an American policymaker, I would make the case for exactly what you are doing. India verbally burned USA & PAK, he concluded a high-level UN General Assembly debate in New York, and is scheduled to spend the next three days in Washington.

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