Indonesia’s Merapi volcano erupts, Hot clouds emerge

Indonesia's Merapi volcano erupts, Hot clouds emerge

Indonesia’s most active volcano, Merapi erupted. Merapi volcano is located in Indonesia’s Yogyakarta special region. The local authorities said as per Reuters that the volcano erupted around 12 pm local time (0500 GMT) and a lava flow of 1.5 km was observed. The Volcano eruption caused emerging of hot clouds up to 7 kilometres.

The authorities have issued a statement in which a warning is issued for people not to carry out any sort of activities nearby the danger zone. According to the authorities, the danger zone range is three kilometres to seven kilometres from the crater.

Besides the dangerous eruption, no residents are evacuated yet, Reuters quoted officials. “This has only been observed as a one-time event, there have been 5-6 avalanches. If the coverage continues to increase and the distance is further than 7 kilometres, it is likely that the residents will be recommended to evacuate,” the official said.

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