Jaishankar Verbally Burned the West

Jaishankar Verbally Burned the West

Jaishankar Verbally Burned the West, Recently an American journalist made a tweet that this is the golden period of foreign policies for India because India has got a foreign minister who uses truth bombs. One such truth bomb has been hit by Jaishankar America, in which he said that the western countries have always supported the dictatorship of the military more than India, which is targeting Pakistan in an indirect way. He said this during his visit to Australia, let us tell you that Australia is a quad country and India has recently signed a free trade agreement with Australia and India has many times better relations with Australia than with the UK. Australia showed the sight of their good friendship when they painted their old Parliament building with the colors of India’s tricolor through lights. Jaishankar, along with the Deputy Prime Minister of Australia, Richard Maris, said that both countries love cricket and cricket is seen a lot in both places, along with it he gifted Virat Kohli’s signed bat to him. During this visit, he talked about climate change, security, foreign security, etc. Like every time during the press conference, when he was asked a question about Russia, he replied that We have a large inventory of weapons of Soviet and Russian origin. And that list has actually grown for a number of reasons. You know, the merits of weapon systems, but also because for many decades, western countries did not supply weapons to India. , and indeed, we saw a military dictatorship as the preferred ally next to us,” Mr. Jaishankar said in an apparent reference to Pakistan, which was a close ally of the US-led West during the Cold War. Jaishankar was speaking facts because, in more than half of Pakistan’s 75 years of existence, the country has been ruled by military dictators. Although Pakistan is more or less considered a democracy, We will be arguing in my thesis that it is, in fact, a garrison-cum-hybrid democratic state. We will explain through various domestic and international events how Pakistan’s military leaders have taken advantage of several foreign and domestic events to stay in power, even when democratically elected civilian governments were ruling. We will use the terms “military and “army’ interchangeably throughout this thesis because army personnel has been the main actors throughout Pakistan’s extended periods of military rule. Remember the 1971 Indo – Pak war when the US President showed his racist thinking toward India and supported Pakistan Garry bass wrote about him. Nixon also called Indians pathetic, most sexless, and nothing. That’s why we have good relations with Russia. Jaishankar’s statement about the fact that Pakistan still does not have a proper democracy is not wrong from anywhere, while America also calls the part of PoK as Azad Kashmir and Pakistan is a country that did not even attend the Democracy Summit organized by America.

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