Prince Harry detailed when he learnt about Princess Diana's Death

Prince Harry detailed when he learnt about Princess Diana’s Death

In the memoir, Prince Harry detailed when his father King Charles told him that his mother, Princess Diana, had been in a car accident.

Prince Harry said that in the memoir he was woken up by his father who “sat on the edge of the bed and put his hand on my knee”.

Charles said, “My dear son, mum has had a car accident. There have been complications. Mum has been seriously injured and taken to hospital, my dear son.”

“He would always call me ‘dear son’, but he was repeating it a lot. He spoke quietly. It gave me the impression he was in shock,” Prince Harry wrote in the book, Sky News reported.

Prince Harry also mentioned that after the death of Princess Diana that he did not like meeting the members of the public.

“I disliked the touch of those hands”, Prince Harry wrote adding “hundreds and hundreds of hands” being thrust in, often wet. “Of what? I wondered. Tears, I understood.”

“I disliked the touch of those hands. What’s more, I disliked how they made me feel guilty. Why were all of those people crying when I was neither crying nor able to cry? I wanted to cry, and I had tried because my mother’s life had been so sad that she had felt the need to disappear, to invent that monumental farce,” the Duke of Sussex wrote.

Prince Harry’s Memoir “spare” is set to be released on January 10th this month. However, the Spanish version of the memoir “spare” was leaked ahead of the set release date. Now, the Spanish version is been translating.






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