Russia creates trouble for India
Russia creates trouble for India, Recently Russia has put India under pressure internationally. International media has said that in the places in Ukraine that Russia has occupied, there were voting, and referendums, and an Indian Observer was present there during the referendum. Western media published many articles on this. Geopolitical experts from America and UK also accused India that why did India send its observer there. This move is very controversial and Putin has understood that Ukraine’s army is so powerful in today’s time that it will be challenging for Russia to go beyond the area they have occupied. India and China have already said that this is not the time for war, end whatever you are doing and negotiate and establish peace. So Russia has decided that the four divisions which are Luhansk, Donetsk, Zaporizhzhia, and Kherson will merge into the Russian Federation. Russia also recently conducted elections in these divisions, in which more than 90 percent of the people of the four places voted in favor of Russia. According to Russia, very few people voted because they feared that if Ukraine regained those places, the local people of those places would not be tried for treason. On Friday, Vladimir Putin will merge these four places into the Russian Federation through a program. Russia has also ensured that if Ukraine tries to attack these areas after this vote, then Russia will respond with double speed and this attack will be considered on the whole of Russia. But according to the UN, the method of holding Russia’s election was absolutely wrong because the area which Russia had occupied was ultimately Ukraine, they forcibly drove the Ukrainians out of there, and then voting was done. International media went to External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar to take India’s statement to which he replied ‘wait and see. Russia creates trouble for India, If we talk about the presence of Indians in Ukraine’s survey of Russia, then it is wrong Purnima Anand who is the President of the BRICS International Forum which is an NGO was present there, she was Indian but did not belong to the Government of India. But still, Russia called her a representative of the Indian government and the western media got the issue sitting, asking India the question of whether he would support or stand against Russia, which has put India in great trouble. We Hope India turns out to be strong.

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