Serial killer Charles Sobhraj is in need of open-heart surgery; according to details of the verdict by Nepal’s Supreme court. 

According to a four-page summary of the order, Sobhraj’s habeas corpus petition for release from isolated detention was granted on humanitarian grounds after several pleas were filed on his behalf. Sobhraj is now expected to be deported to France, where he is a citizen, within the next 15 days. 


“It’s a correct and good order,” said his lawyer Lok Bhakta Rana. “Because of his notoriety, initially, the registrar of the Supreme Court was refusing to even accept our petition. We had to file a separate petition to get them to accept it, and then finally a latest habeas corpus appeal was filed just about a month ago.”


Justices Sapana Pradhan Malla and Til Prasad Shrestha, in their order, said: “His continuous imprisonment violates the standard human rights of the prisoners and inmates and rights provided by the constitution and prevalent laws. Thus, this court has issued an order of habeas corpus.”


He was convicted of two deaths of tourists in Kathmandu in 1975. He had spent 19 years in Nepal prison. The infamous killer had been serving two life sentences, every 20 years, in Nepal’s capital. The two life sentences were for the murder of an American woman, Connie Jo Bronzich, and her Canadian backpacker friend, Laurent Carriere.



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