The USA Mentioned India as an Ally

The USA Mentioned India as an Ally

The USA Mentioned India as an Ally, Recently, within a few days, some questions were being raised about whether America is with India or is it more inclined with Pakistan. Regarding this, America has issued a document National Security Strategy, in which it has mentioned India more than Japan and Australia 8 times. Pakistan is not mentioned even once in this list. National Security Strategy is America’s way of looking at countries around the world, including which country is their friend, a challenger, or an enemy. For India, he has used the word friend while declaring Russia as his own enemy and a very big challenge to China, for which he also wants to unite all the countries of the world against China. The United Kingdom is also going to put China on its challenge list in the future. From the perspective of South Asia, the US administration’s new national security strategy underscores the ongoing US shift from an Afghanistan-Pakistan security emphasis to an Indo-Pacific focus, with competition from China as the driver and India as a key partner. The National Security Strategy of every country tells what their attitude towards countries around the world like, Japan considers India and America as friends and China and North Korea as enemies, Russia considers India as its friend, but India has never seen its own. Also, the National Security Strategy document has never been released for any country because India is considered the kingmaker. Talking in the words of America, there is a difference between ‘alliances’ and ‘partnerships’ in the American government. The word Alliance means some friendly countries that can be useful even during war and partnership means a business relationship in which India calls America a partner. In the document, the importance of India in the Quad, and India’s hard work during COVID-19 has been mentioned.

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