UK former prime minister phone was hacked by Putin agents

UK former prime minister phone was hacked by Putin agents, United Kingdom former Prime minister Liz Truss’s phone was hacked by agents suspected of working for Russian President Vladimir Putin. The phone was hacked when Liz Truss was serving as the foreign minister as per the reports by the Daily Mail said on Saturday.
The news of hacking was found during the Tory leadership campaign. This campaign eventually led to Liz Truss becoming the United Kingdom’s prime minister but after some time just 45 days she stepped down from the post. Later, was replaced by Rishi Sunak, now UK’s prime minister.

UK former prime minister phone was hacked by Putin agents, The report said that these suspected and alleged agents of Russia’s president Vladimir Putin are believed to have acquired access to “top-secret exchanges with international partners”. Along with this, the agents also achieved access to Liz Truss’ phone messages which included conversation and discussion about the ongoing war in Ukraine, the details of arms shipments, and much more, according to the reports.

With this news spreading wildly, the British government so far has not mentioned or said anything related to the news.

However, a government spokesperson said, “The Government has robust systems in place to protect against cyber threats. That includes regular security briefings for Ministers, and advice on protecting their personal data and mitigating cyber threats,” news agency Reuters reported.

Also, Labour Party leader Yvette Cooper said the report by daily mail has raised important national security issues
“immensely important national security issues” including why and how the information was leaked- said labor party leader Yvette Cooper.

“It is essential that all of these security issues are being investigated and addressed at the very highest level,” Yvette Cooper said, sourced and quoted by AFP.

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