‘United Nations of Kailasa’? Who is Nithyananda, the rape-accused Indian fugitive

‘United Nations of Kailasa’? Who is Nithyananda, the rape-accused Indian fugitive

‘United Nations of Kailasa’? Who is Nithyananda, the rape-accused Indian fugitive

Nithyananda is a self-styled godman from Tamil Nadu who fled India in 2018 after two of his disciples were arrested for kidnapping. He has been accused of rape.

A series of events took an interesting and surprising, representatives of a fictional ‘country’ appear at a UN meeting. The fictional country in question is the “United States of Kailas”, founded by fugitive self-styled godman Nithyananda, who is accused of sexual abuse in India. Nithyananda, accused in a rape case in India, who has fled from India, has announced the establishment of a Hindu nation. He claims that he had settled in this country by buying an uninhabited island from a country called Ecuador in the continent of South America.

A video on the United Nations website of the second session shows that when questions are wanted from attendees, a woman introduces herself as Vijayapriya Nityananda, “Permanent ambassador of the United States of Kailasa” and says that she wants to ask a question regarding “Rights of Natives”.

However, there is no information about the location of the first sovereign country of Iss Hindus. There is even no picture of the country. But there are claims that they have their own currency, and according to their website, Kailash has “two billion practising Hindus” in its population. They also claim to have a flag, a constitution, a central bank, a passport and a symbol.

Vijayapriya claimed in the statement at the UN that her guru Nithyananda was persecuted by India. However, it later issued a clarification, saying that the “United States of Kailasa” holds India in high regard and urged the Indian government to take action against those who attack and incite violence against Nithyananda and Kailasa.
“Our concern is solely directed towards those anti-Hindu elements. We urge the Indian government to take action against such elements who continue to incite violence against the Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism and Kailasa,” she said.

In all this, how did the United Nations allow all this to happen? Nithyananda is a proclaimed criminal in India. He is accused of rape and child abuse. And the representative from Kailas also pointed out how Nityananda was exiled by India when he was preaching Hinduism in his home country.

Making such claims is completely absurd. Yes, it is legally possible to establish a country or state. One just has to follow some rules and get some papers signed by the authorities. But the issue here is that a criminal is doing this. Nithyananda is wanted in India since 2018 and now from anywhere he has claimed as his country. The UN is not taking any legal action against him being a criminal. They just made a statement stating that the USK’s statements are irrelevant. According to reports, the United Nations has held two consecutive meetings with the United States of Kalisa. How can the assembly of intellectuals allow this to happen?




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