US allocates $200 million for gender equity and equality programs in Pakistan

The US government has allotted $200 million for gender equity and equality programs in Pakistan. US Congressman Rep. Dan Bishop shared the details of the omnibus bill passed in the USA for the fiscal year 2023 as he wrote a threat criticizing its various provisions.
Talking about the bill, Rep. Dan Bishop wrote, “My team and I are reading through the omnibus bill today – all $1.7 trillion and 4,155 pages of it. Follow along for some of the most egregious provisions in the bill.” He posted several provisions of funding included in the bill.

Previously, the US has allotted $10 million for the same cause( gender equity and equality programs) for Pakistan. In one of the tweets in the long thread, he mentioned, “Gender programs in Pakistan and a $200 million for a Gender Equity Fund.”

“The bill is meant to fund the federal agencies of the US government through September 2023, which also includes funding for various social programs across the world. The bill has been accepted for discussion by the Senate in a 70-25, and will be passed by this weekend as Democratic and Republican negotiators have agreed to pass the bill to prevent a partial shutdown of federal agencies”


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