"WHO still believes that deaths are heavily underreported from China

“WHO still believes that deaths are heavily underreported from China”- Emergencies director Michael Ryan.

WHO(world health organisation) officials have previously stated that China is not reporting real-time data on the explosive outbreak. The data on the deaths and covid cases are heavily underreported from china.

“WHO still believes that deaths are heavily underreported from China,” its emergencies director Michael Ryan told reporters.

He blamed Beijing’s narrow definition of what constitutes a Covid death, and also pointed to “the need for doctors in the public health system to be encouraged to report these cases, and not discouraged.”

In contrast, he praised the cooperation of authorities in the United States, where the new Omicron sub-variant XBB.1.5 is spreading rapidly.

“There’s been radical transparency on behalf of the United States in terms of engaging with the WHO regarding the data and the impact of that data,” he said.

Maria Van Kerkhove, the WHO’s technical lead on Covid, said Washington had supplied virtually all the data available so far on XBB.1.5, the most transmissible form of Covid so far.

She told reporters, the sub-variant, detected in 38 countries, clearly has a “growth advantage” over other forms of the virus. It is also believed to be better at bypassing immunity protections from prior infection or vaccines.

“We don’t yet have data on severity,” she added.



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