WHO urged China to regularly real-time data on the COVID-19 situation


WHO(world health organization), the global health agency has asked Chinese health officials to share data on genetic sequencing, hospitalizations, deaths, and vaccinations.


The WHO tweeted on Thursday: “As I said at our most recent press conference — in order to make a comprehensive risk assessment of the COVID-19 situation on the ground in China, @WHO needs more detailed information.”


A meeting took place between officials from WHO and China on the current surge in COVID-19 cases to seek further information on the situation, and to offer WHO’s expertise and further support, a WHO statement said on Friday.


“Chinese scientists are invited to engage more closely in WHO-led COVID-19 expert networks including the COVID-19 clinical management network,” the WHO statement said.


“WHO again asked for regular sharing of specific and real-time data on the epidemiological situation – including more genetic sequencing data, data on disease impact including hospitalizations, ICU admissions and deaths -and data on vaccinations delivered and vaccination status, especially in vulnerable people and those over 60 years old,” it added.


“WHO stressed the importance of monitoring and the timely publication of data to help China and the global community to formulate accurate risk assessments and to inform effective responses,” it said.



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